Lee Andrew Holtzer is seventeen and should only be worrying about one thing: getting into college.  Unfortunately, the talking cats are making that a bit difficult.  Luckily, he’s got the support and confidence of his best friend, Frank.  But as the year goes on, not only does Lee struggle with application deadlines and demanding felines, but his relationship with Frank is changing.  Will Lee learn how to be sensitive to the serious economic and social differences between he and Frank, or will the resulting fallout break them apart forever?  And will that cat ever stop asking him to make a stupid wish?

Set in the year 2003 in a county on the Delaware River, Lee lives and goes to school in Pennsylvania, and there’s just a fifteen minute drive to both the borders of New York and New Jersey.  It’s a place of significant economic diversity — he attends public school with poor kids, middle class kids like himself, and rich kids, as well. It’s not a place of great ethnic diversity, though, and the conservative climate makes for an uncomfortable environment for Frank and the other minorities in the community.

Their daily adventures and drama, taking place over a single year, make up the tale of Prince of Cats.

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