Lee Andrew Holtzer

  • Lee is seventeen, middle class, and has his hands in everything.  Chorus, drama club, yearbook, prom committee (he’s a real social and organizational butterfly) — but his real love is biology.  He loves cells and molecules and their structures, and so his main focus right now is getting into a college with an excellent program in that field.  The problem is, there are these cats that won’t leave him alone…

Francis Murakami

  • Frank is five days older than Lee, and his best friend since grade two.  He lives and works on a small family farm outside of town.  He assumes he has a duty to fulfill in taking over the seventy year-old farm, and spends his afterschool time attending to the obligations there.  But his real love is fashion, and his real dream is to be a famous designer.  He makes and alters a lot of his own clothes, but doesn’t have a lot of hope regarding being able to afford going to college.  Frank doesn’t interact with many of his schoolmates besides Lee.  Being the only Japanese-American in the school gives him his fair share of grief — he finds he gets less of it when he keeps to himself.

(Princess) Cupcake

  • Cupcake is a tiny speckled kitten that Lee rescues from attacking birds during the summer before his senior year of high school.


  • Hazel is a lean, young, charcoal-colored oriental cat that appears before Lee to inform him that the Princess of the cats has fallen in love with him, and wishes to grant him a wish.  Until he decides on that wish, the cats will be at his service by Princess Cupcake’s orders.  Hazel is assigned to keep an eye on Lee and maintain his safety.  But he’s not a particularly nice cat — he doesn’t actually like humans at all.

Adi R. Cohen

  • Adi is a classmate of both Frank and Lee — but never at the same time.  She’s as close to a mutual friend as they could have (if Frank had any “friends” besides Lee) and finds herself as a primary message-passer for the two boys.  She is one of the few students Lee tutors in English composition — a subject he excels in.  Adi is cheerful and a little dorky, and sometimes even manages to connect with Frank when he lets his guard down.